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Application for the post of a Medical Officer in Global Software Consultants

David Kenner,
1234, Little Russell Street;
Fifth Row; Dallas, DW 53423,
(025)-589 2145.
Date: 1st June 2008

Mr. Elvis Smith,
Global Software Consultants,
354 Moore Avenue North,
New Jersey, NJ 75821-4568

Dear Mr. Smith,
This is an application with reference to your advertisement published in the employment supplement of The Sun News paper stating three vacancies for the post of Software developers. I believe that my qualification and experience is satisfactorily at per with your requirement. Hence I am applying for the post mentioned above.
I am a Bachelor of Science with specialization in Physiology passed out in the year 2002. After that I have achieved the degree of Doctor of Medicine from Chicago state medical School. Currently I am pursuing a fellowship program in West County Medical School specialization in Internal Medicine. I have planned to take a Residency program from Harris Hospital specializing in Internal and Tropical Medicine through correspondence. I have already received Chicago physician’s license, from the Board of Medical Management in 2002.
As a medical student I have good experience in the relevant field. While internship I started working as a part time Staff Physician at Society Health Center in Dallas. After completion of the basic degree, I have worked in the Albert County Medical Center for two years. There my responsibilities included managing referrals, diagnosis and treatment of around 100 patients on a daily basis. While doing the fellowship program in West County Medical School I used to provide prompt emergency service to acute patients as a staff of the emergency ward. I often supervised training sessions for junior physicians and nurses of the same medical school. I am presently serving as the Resident Medical Officer at the West County Medical School and hospital besides the fellowship program.
My strengths are Excellent analytic skills, Ability to work in with a diverse population of patients, Positive approach towards all sorts of critical situations and Ability to handle the responsibilities of processing prescriptions and perform verification check for multiple dispensing systems at a time. I am a fluent speaker, reader and writer in English, Spanish and German. My hobbies include writing scripts for plays, painting portraits, fishing and listening to soft music.
Now talking about my objective, I am looking forward to handling outdoor patients and internal teams of doctors and nurses in any Government undertaken as well as private health organization. I am ready to prove myself as a self-confident Doctor with impressive interpersonal and trouble shooting skills to promote teamwork.
As a student I am justifying my intelligence and capability as well as searching for new and better opportunities in the relevant field. A resume furnished with all the details about my qualification and experience is attached herewith. Please go through it and let me know if you can arrange for a personal interview on coming Monday, 4th June so that we can discuss the prospect.

Warmest regards
David Kenner
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